Terms and Conditions

This Restricted Area is reserved for parties who either have, or are interested in establishing, commercial relations with Mul-T-Lock.

The Restricted Area, as well as other areas Mul-T-Lock website, makes extensive use of Mul-T-Lock’s trademarks. Mul-T-Lock’s trademarks have attained well-known status around the world, and are recognized as characterizing the high quality and reliability of Mul-T-Lock’s locking products and solutions. Mul-T-Lock attaches considerable value to its trademarks and invests considerable effort and resources in strengthening and protecting these trademarks.
Correct use of Mul-T-Lock’s trademarks forms a fundamental and material part of any commercial relations with Mul-T-Lock.
As a condition to entering this Restricted Area, you are required to read Mul-T-Lock’s Use of Trademarks Undertaking, as shown here and confirm your consent to comply with the Use of Trademarks Undertaking, by checking the box.
Mul-T-Lock Ltd and its affiliates (collectively, “Mul-T-Lock”) encourage extensive and proper use of its trademarks. These trademarks include the following: “Mul-T-Lock”, the Muscleman Logo, “Interactive”, "MT5" and all other trademarks used by Mul-T-Lock, in this website and/or in trade (each, a “Trademark” and collectively, the “Trademarks”).
Any use that you wish to make of any Trademark must be strictly limited to the resale of genuine Mul-T-Lock® products (“Products”) in any territory in which you are authorized to sell Products (the “Territory”).
You acknowledge that the Trademarks are the exclusive property of Mul-T-Lock in relation to the Products. Whenever you use a Trademark, you must use the ® symbol, to indicate the Trademark’s worldwide registration in Mul-T-Lock’s name.
All Products that you sell and all promotional material that you use for the Products must bear only the Trademarks, and no other trademark, unless you have been otherwise authorized in writing by Mul-T-Lock. You must not obscure or modify Trademarks in any way, and must not apply Trademarks to any goods that are not Products.
You may use any advertising or promotional materials given to you by Mul-T-Lock, to promote sales of Products in the Territory. You will submit for Mul-T-Lock’s prior written approval any proposed new use of any Trademark, including but not limited to any new advertising and promotional material containing any Trademark, prior to your using such material and/or making such use of the Trademark.
You will not do anything that may in any way jeopardize the Trademarks, or their ownership by Mul-T-Lock, and you will not make any use of the Trademarks other than as expressly permitted by Mul-T-Lock and by applicable law. You will not make any use of any Trademark in any way which could reasonably be expected to cause any harm to Mul-T-Lock and/or the reputation of Mul-T-Lock and/or Products.
You will not use or register any trademark or trade name identical or similar to any Trademark, or to any other name that Mul-T-Lock may use to identify itself and/or its products, and you will not register a company and/or establish or run any business entity, domain name, URL, website and/or e-mail address with any similar or identical names.